Custom Garage Solutions has many different models of cabinets to choose from. We install three different models of cabinets that are made by Proslat and one model made by Contur Cabinets. Our cabinets come in a variety of colours. Weather your project is driven by Budget or Design Custom Garage Solutions has the line you are looking for!

Proslat Cabinets
Custom Garage Solutions - Proslat Cabinets

ProSlat Cabinets have 3 unique designs, “Which one is right for you” ProSlat’s metal cabinets are built with versatility in mind. All our cabinets are completely assembled, you do not have to put them together like the one the Big Box Stores sell. Buy as a set or individually.

Contur Cabinets
Contur Cabinets - Custom Garage Solutions

Contur cabinets are European inspired design with contoured front panels creating a luxurious look in any garage. Contur has teamed their engineers together with their stylist to come up with a timeless design loaded with advanced engineering features never before seen on a metal storage cabinet.

Custom Garage Solutions is proud to be a supplier of Proslat and Contur organizing solutions for commercial and residential applications.
Custom Garage Solutions - Proslat
Custom Garage Solutions - Contur